week 2 – artist interview – Brittany Mojo

IMG_0364  IMG_0365

While i was walking through all of the galleries looking at the same pieces there were last week something had caught my eye that was defiantly not there last week. It was Brittany Mojo’s pieces she goes to school at UCLA. She likes to use materials  and related to the work of woman, which i thought was really cool 🙂  some of the things she does to build and shape her pieces are restructure, balance, glue, fire, paint, draw, hang, nail, and place. She also is continuously building her studio by arranging and rearranging things the way she sees it in her mind. One thing i read which i thought was cool was “i test my mental and psychical limits by making extremely delicate as well as drawling that are comprised of irregular patterns.” She always she’s she ttys to keep her work in motion making sure nothing is exactly the same.

Glamfa: http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Mojo_2014.html

Her site: BrittanyMojo.com


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