week 2 – instagram activity

This was the first activity I’ve done for this class and it was so fun. it was awesome looking at the hashtags throughout the day and seeing what everyone was doing and posting and how some of the things we’ll all like to do are similar in a way. There were also pictures that were of the same thing but it was cool cause everyone saw it in there own way ad  posting it at a different angle, they made it there own.  I love posting pictures on Instagram so this activity was a a lot of fun and easy for me. The whole day i was taking pictures of everything from squirrels to food I was eating through out the day. When it came time to post a picture i had such a hard time trying to figure out what to post but I knew the first photo i wanted to post was me in the morning right when i woke up. I was so tired i did not want to get up, my bed was just so comfy it took me like 20 minutes for my legs to start working. 


The second photo i posted was of a wall in front of the ceramic and pot gallery. It was just one color all black and it had a couple of different people on it. They almost look like robots and with a human factor to it too it was really intriguing.


The third photo i posted was a throwback picture to my summer job at Bay Shore Beach Camp at the bay in LB. My friend/coworker Craig who I’ve know since elementary school was on my shoulders and even though I’m laughing in the picture I’m laughing because how bad my shoulders were hurting. It was hilarious he fell off my shoulders after too bad i didn’t get a pic of that 🙂



The fourth photo i posted was of me later in the night right before i enter the Ice Breakers XIII Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity party. i had to finish off the night with a selfie. 





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