Week 3 – Artist Interview – Tricia E. Rangel

The Artist i interviewed was Tricia Rangel. Her art are made of dirt she has collected from places that have meaning to her like San Joaquin Valley where she grew up. She also has collected dirt from he parents house, her grandfathers ranch and Smith Mountain Cemetery. She extracts dirt from its original site to displace it.There’s one huge dirt piece which she had to break apart in order for her to bring it to CSULB and what what really cool on this piece were the layers in the dirt and how the top layers were dry and the lower layers where darker because they were wetter. They were layered at different angles of darkness. The bigger piece is just dirt and the smaller pieces are mixed with cement to create more brick like blocks or dirt mixture. The smaller ones were cut up with cutouts. She also made a a chain link with 24k gold which was inspired from a cemetery where one of her loved ones is buried.

IMG_0582 IMG_0587IMG_0584IMG_0586 IMG_0588


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