Week 4 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley


The artist in interview was Maccabee Shelley. His ceramic pieces and glass fixtures were so awesome i couldn’t stop looking at them. I remember when i was in high school i took a ceramics class and and just towards the end of the year i started incorporating colored glass in my pieces and it looked so awesome and when i saw these pieces i knew i had to interview him and see which ways he fired his glass and how he got the cool colors in them.


This picture is one of the ones that caught my eye. He he was first starting out he did tons of test runs with different glass inside each little ceramic bowl he made. He made over a thousand bowls with different glasses in them. some glass were really expensive and some were cheap. he would fire the ceramic bowls and then right when the glass would start to melt he would turn them over to get this dripping effect and when he put them back over the glass look like it was melting down into the from on where. He started stacking the bowls on top of each other and said it was like reverse jenga. It really cool cause there some glass that look like melting paint and others are just tinted glass.


it was really cool to cause he had this satin where you could touch some of the stuff he made. Like an interactive table!



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