Week 4 – Student Interview – Salina Chavez


I met Salina in my Rec 110 class, which is right before Art and earlier today we got paired up in that class. She is super funny and really nice and inviting! Which is AWESOME 😀 !!! Salina grew up in Pico Rivera but now lives in long beach because she goes to long beach state, and she also lives in an apartment which is cool cause i wish i lived in one. She is going to major in Child Development and minor in Rec and Leisure and that really cool because so do i but maybe vise verse, I’m not really sure yet. We have a lot of things income! She loves working with kids and works at The YMCA and is an Assistant Side Director. She also very adventurous and lives for the Night Life. She loves going out with her friends and have a night filled with fun. She has 7 tattoos which all have to do with her family and that awesome cause some people get tattoos to get tattoos and hers have meaning behind them! We are both Leo’s which i thought was coolio!

Heres where you can find Salina –> http://salinachavez2110.com/


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