week 6 – Artist Interview – Angel Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin


This week they had a group show with 3 individuals Angel, Isaiah and Juan who did sculpture pieces. When I first walked into the exhibit I noticed there was like this winter feeling to it, it feel like I was walking into a snowy wonderland. The first piece I noticed was the frozen body on the ground of a person just laying there like they had died peacefully in the snow.


The next piece i saw was this mountain goat and it was kind of glittery i wasn’t and I’m still not sure what it was made of because i thought it was wood at first but i got closer and realized it wasn’t wood because it was glittery.


The last piece we saw was this mannequin with a reindeer head on. he almost looked like a Abercrombie and Fitch model because he was dressed so spiffy and nice. Im not really sure what the piece was representing but it was really cool. the whole exhibit was really cool and i enjoyed it.



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