Week 6 – Student interview – Ariadna Rivera

This week i interviewed  Ariadna Rivera, we actually have a class together outside of Art 110. Ariadna Is majoring in Hospitality Management and isn’t sure what she wants to do with it yet.. Her year has been really good and has a lot if fun classes because she taking a lot of elective classes. She is taking a beginners swimming class and a cooking class, which is really cool because I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class so i think i might take that next year. She really enjoys her cooking class because you get to work in your this mini kitchen and she said it really cute but you have 3 other partners you have to work with also. Currently she is working at a logistics company and answers the phone and sets appointments. At school she is in a Co-Ed fraternity called Delta Sigma Chi and she loves it, they also do a lot of fun activities with the frat. On wednesdays for this month they are going to wear pink for breast cancer awareness. Ariadna also enjoys shopping online, going to parties and spending time with her grandmother.


HER BLOG :  ariitxel.com


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