Week 7 – Student Interview – Maria Rivas

This week i interviewed myself… jk but i did interview Marie which also happen to be my name. It is so funny because i have never ever met anyone named Marie in my whole entire life. Marie is a Biochemistry major and in some of her wants to research infectious diseases, and last semester in one of her lab classes she looked at cells in leafs which is really cool cause she got to use those cool microscopes. Marie also works at Metro PCS and when she isn’t working or at school she is studying her butt off. Durign the school year she has “no life” because she is very dedicated to school, she literally studys, studys, studys!!! But during the summer time she is very adventurous and has tons of fun going on trips to Central America an North caroline to visit her boyfriend who is in the military. Overall marie is pretty awesome and i had fun getting to know here!!!



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