Week 8 – Artist Interview – Brian Davis

img_2835This piece really caught my eye because I am obsessed with glass and It had color and texture. This piece really reminded me of when i was in high school and i was taking a ceramics class and out teacher wanted us to incorporate glass into our pieces and I used clear, blue, and green glass mixed together on top of a flat surface. What i call the belly of his piece where all the glass is (even though its not the belly but remind me of one) reminds me of the piece i did and really made me want to experiment again with ceramics. But i loved this piece it was beautiful and i couldn’t top looking at it. This The artists inspirations for his pieces were interesting he said he wanted his pieces to represent frames and when he feels like lives starts to get hectic frames close you from reality and keep everything away from you. He used slabs of clay to make the frames to form a monitor- like frame. He fired and glazed with bright colors which is really cool because i loved using bright colors on my pieces. I ABSOLUTELY loved this piece by far one of my favorites so far!!!


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