Week 10 – Artist Interview – Almira Nikravesh

This week i decided to interview Almira Nikravesh and her piece was Honest Abe, Time & Money. When i walked into the room the first thing i saw was something shiny on the ground and it was think penny block. The first thing i said was “geeze how many pennies are in there?!” Our teacher told us that he had stacked the pennies here and nothing was holding them together so if you accidentally kicked or hit it it would fall apart. i also want to know how heavy this baby is! I thought it was just so amazing how many pennies there were in the block and i could not sit there and build that thing, its just seems so tedious. The way he stacked the pennies are really cool if you look at the first picture on the left its like theres mini stacks of pennies on pennies on pennies. this piece really just blew me away props to Almira Nikravesh!



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