Week 10 – Landscape – Dead Corpse


You have no idea how excited i was to do this activity. When i went to class on tuesday he said it was going to be a photography activity and i was like that cool i like taking pictures but when he said we were going to do dead corpse i got really pumped and was like I am definitely going to have fun with this. So when it came time to do the assignment there were so many things i could do with it fall off a ladder or slip on a wet surface. Then i came up with getting hit by a car while riding a bike. I just thought it would be fun to do it in the street with blood and using kind of big props and my friend helped me with it and she had so much fun with it too. she said the blood looked so gross because it looked so real. i couldn’t wait to use the blood too cause i used it on Halloween and it was so much fun finding ways for it to drip down and make it look real-ish. Overall i found this activity fun and exciting!!!



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