Week 10 – Student Interview – Bryanna Duckwitz


Bryanna has a really fun personality and is really funny! This is her first year at Cal State Long Beach, and lives in the dorms. She hasn’t always lived in Long beach but she has lied in California her whole life, she grew up in Corona. Just like me she misses those fun moments from high school but doesn’t miss going to high school. She misses her friends a lot but loves the new ones she made, Byanna is in a sorority clued Delta Gamma and has so much fun with that. She is also a really good dancer and loves dancing hip – hop and i totally envy that because when i watch people dance like that I’m always like i really wish i could dance like that. She LOVES pop tarts as do I!!! i had so much fun interviewing herald so glad i got the chance to meet so an awesome person! 😀


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