Week 11 – Artist interview – Romina Del Castillo

When I first walked into the gallery what caught my eye instantly were the charcoal drawings on the walls, with the portraits of different people posited in different ways and with the different lighting by Romina Del Castillo. I took a art class a few semesters ago and one of the main things we used were charcoal and i would always leave class with charcoal all over me lol. All these drawling has so much detailed it amazes me because since i have used it before i know how had it is to use sometimes and getting the charcoal to stay in a spot but also when it just is one spot how hard it can also be to get off. My favorite out of all of them (these are just a few that he did) would have to be the man sitting on the bed with his legs crossed and hands in his lap. Im not sure if he is mad or has had a long day, “Portrait of Victor”. It seems that th picture makes you think why he has that facial expression and what he is trying t share through it.

IMG_1912  IMG_1911   IMG_1914  IMG_1913  IMG_1915


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