week 11 – Activity – Your Choice


So this week i choose to work with acrylic paint, it was something i had never worked with before and thought it would be fun to explore that. So after the gallery on thursday i went to the art store down the way and got an acrylic paint set, some brushes and a canvas. I was really excited to do this because i have never use it before so after diner i went to work. I sat down got everything really and wasn’t really sure what i wanted to paint. Maybe a tree or something simple and i thought it would be really cool if i did the back of someones head but with colored hair used different shades of one color. I used blue because it was the color that had the most variety and a little purple to had a little something else. I started off with the skin color so i could over lap with the blue. The blue was the most fun to work with cause i combed some of the colors together and also run the lighter and dark blue right next together and they smoothed together so nicely. After i was done i though something was missing so i added a little lace thingy in the corner.


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