Week 12 – Student Interview – Christiana Trinh


Soo this week i got to interview the lovelyy Christiana Trinh, This is her first year at cal state long beach and she is really enjoying herself her and loves the school. When she got here and started her first semester she was like “i remember having way more work to do in high school than i do right now but i am okay with that!” and me too! Christiana wants to major in Accounting and is taking a business stats class. She grew up in Huntington beach and i just love Huntington Beach it s pretty an i love the beach but she doesn’t really like the beach too much, she also went to Ocean View high school. she babysits practically everyday because she lves with her cousin and watch there kids. Her main passion is gaming and right now she is super into this game called Fire Emblem and also loves drawling like anime!


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