Week 12 – Teach – String art


so this week this activity is TEACH, so i chose to do string art. It really fun I’ve helped my friend make one for her from before. You can make string art say or be in the shape of about anything. There has always been one i have wanted to do what  didn’t have a big hough board to do it on so i tried anyone i wanted to try out too i have a moon with wording underneath.


first you are going to need a board of wood, nails, paint (if desired), and sewing string. the first thing you going to need to do is paint the board a desired color and wait for it to dry.

  IMG_2030    IMG_2029    IMG_2033   IMG_2035

next you need to nail your nails in to the desired position or shape you want them to be in, and after they are all nailed in you start to string the string around the nails and theres no real certain to way todo it just go for it and after your done stringing it you can write a message on it if you want, i did because here was a certain thing i wanted to do.



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