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Week 15 – Student Interview – Amber Del Real


So this week I interviewed Amber Del Real this is her 3rd year at Cal State Long Beach and only has a year or 2 left. She’s never been much oaf a school person but enjoys it. Amber is studying to major in Physiology, she first wanted to do Kinesiology but switched it to Physiology. She is 20 years old and is currently single but all her friend have boyfriends and their always busy with them so its hard for her to hangout with them. Amber when to Whittier high school and she loves sleeping, eating, and loves listing Music like Hip-Hop which is cool cause i enjoy hip-hop too.


Week 15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville


So this week i was really fascinated by Troy Rounseville and his self played instrument creations. He said “this exhibition explores the disjunction between our physical embodied experience and it translation through technology mediation. This Project was strutted around a series of questions that have been exploring through my work.”  I walked in the exhibit and was wondering how all these instruments were playing themselves and also it was super loud in there which definitely caught my attention. what was really cool about it also it like the keys on the keyboard were moving by itself and the guitar strings too i was also mmid blowing. I still amazed that all these instruments were playing themselves and were connected all these wires going in different directions. Its just makes you think of what technology can do anyhow cars its come.

Week 13 – Artist Interview – Gatov-West Gallery

IMG_2077 IMG_2078 IMG_2080 IMG_2076 IMG_2083 IMG_2084

So this week i was really intrigued by by the Gatov- West Gallery and all the painting were so unique and done by different artists. I just love paintings in general because they all have a story to tell and have a reasoning behind it. And even though most of the paintings were done by different artists they were all cohesive and some how came together as a whole like they were all done by one person. A lot of the of the pairing consisted of people but also like scenery and there also different textures used like bumpy and rough looking ones.

Week 13 – Student Interview – Mariela Herrera


So i interviewed Mariela Herrera, and this is her Junior year at Cal State Long Beach and she really loves it here. She is studying to major in Criminal Justice and acutely works at for South Gate  Police officer Explorer Program. She works a lll the time and when she’s not working she is at school, she is so busy with school and work really focusing on herself and making sure she gets her career figured out. But when she does have free time she likes to go on hikes and hanging out with friends. Mariela grew up in Lynwoodan and when she went to school she lived in the dorms and really loved it but now she commutes from home and

Week 12 – Teach – String art


so this week this activity is TEACH, so i chose to do string art. It really fun I’ve helped my friend make one for her from before. You can make string art say or be in the shape of about anything. There has always been one i have wanted to do what  didn’t have a big hough board to do it on so i tried anyone i wanted to try out too i have a moon with wording underneath.


first you are going to need a board of wood, nails, paint (if desired), and sewing string. the first thing you going to need to do is paint the board a desired color and wait for it to dry.

  IMG_2030    IMG_2029    IMG_2033   IMG_2035

next you need to nail your nails in to the desired position or shape you want them to be in, and after they are all nailed in you start to string the string around the nails and theres no real certain to way todo it just go for it and after your done stringing it you can write a message on it if you want, i did because here was a certain thing i wanted to do.


Week 12 – Student Interview – Christiana Trinh


Soo this week i got to interview the lovelyy Christiana Trinh, This is her first year at cal state long beach and she is really enjoying herself her and loves the school. When she got here and started her first semester she was like “i remember having way more work to do in high school than i do right now but i am okay with that!” and me too! Christiana wants to major in Accounting and is taking a business stats class. She grew up in Huntington beach and i just love Huntington Beach it s pretty an i love the beach but she doesn’t really like the beach too much, she also went to Ocean View high school. she babysits practically everyday because she lves with her cousin and watch there kids. Her main passion is gaming and right now she is super into this game called Fire Emblem and also loves drawling like anime!

Week 12- Artist interview – Timothy Cooper


This week i was really intrigued with the exhibit done by Timothy Cooper. When i walk into the exhibit all i saw were plates raise a little off the ground and to me it looked like this was a huge  plus sign but it could be interpreted it any many ways maybe as a cross or anything  else. What i though was really cool was that he got handfuls of people to come together and make the plates together and make a positive personal, social, and aesthetic experience. some of the glaze that what put on them looked a little different on all of them i don’t really know how to explain it maybe the way they dipped them in it idk but they looked really cool even though they are all glazed the same color they all had different looks to them. Over all one of the most interesting pieces I’ve seen this semester 😀