week 11 – Activity – Your Choice


So this week i choose to work with acrylic paint, it was something i had never worked with before and thought it would be fun to explore that. So after the gallery on thursday i went to the art store down the way and got an acrylic paint set, some brushes and a canvas. I was really excited to do this because i have never use it before so after diner i went to work. I sat down got everything really and wasn’t really sure what i wanted to paint. Maybe a tree or something simple and i thought it would be really cool if i did the back of someones head but with colored hair used different shades of one color. I used blue because it was the color that had the most variety and a little purple to had a little something else. I started off with the skin color so i could over lap with the blue. The blue was the most fun to work with cause i combed some of the colors together and also run the lighter and dark blue right next together and they smoothed together so nicely. After i was done i though something was missing so i added a little lace thingy in the corner.


Week 11 – Artist interview – Romina Del Castillo

When I first walked into the gallery what caught my eye instantly were the charcoal drawings on the walls, with the portraits of different people posited in different ways and with the different lighting by Romina Del Castillo. I took a art class a few semesters ago and one of the main things we used were charcoal and i would always leave class with charcoal all over me lol. All these drawling has so much detailed it amazes me because since i have used it before i know how had it is to use sometimes and getting the charcoal to stay in a spot but also when it just is one spot how hard it can also be to get off. My favorite out of all of them (these are just a few that he did) would have to be the man sitting on the bed with his legs crossed and hands in his lap. Im not sure if he is mad or has had a long day, “Portrait of Victor”. It seems that th picture makes you think why he has that facial expression and what he is trying t share through it.

IMG_1912  IMG_1911   IMG_1914  IMG_1913  IMG_1915

Week 11 – student interview – Rachel Peng

This is Rachel peng first year of college and she originated wanted to go to a school out of state but since it’s pretty expensive she decided to stay at home and go some where local. Rachel lives in garden force and has lived there her whole life and really wanted to declare in nursing she says she knows it’s Going to be are but she going to work really hard. She not very pocket when it comes to food she lives all types of Food. In her free time she doesn’t really make plans she goes with the flow and is just really into enjoying her first year and currently doesn’t work! Im so sad because i was already already at my car when i realized i didn’t take a picture of Rachel. So this week i am Picture-less 😦

click here to check out her stuff  :http://raachelpeng.wordpress.com/

Week 10 – Landscape – Dead Corpse


You have no idea how excited i was to do this activity. When i went to class on tuesday he said it was going to be a photography activity and i was like that cool i like taking pictures but when he said we were going to do dead corpse i got really pumped and was like I am definitely going to have fun with this. So when it came time to do the assignment there were so many things i could do with it fall off a ladder or slip on a wet surface. Then i came up with getting hit by a car while riding a bike. I just thought it would be fun to do it in the street with blood and using kind of big props and my friend helped me with it and she had so much fun with it too. she said the blood looked so gross because it looked so real. i couldn’t wait to use the blood too cause i used it on Halloween and it was so much fun finding ways for it to drip down and make it look real-ish. Overall i found this activity fun and exciting!!!


Week 10 – Student Interview – Bryanna Duckwitz


Bryanna has a really fun personality and is really funny! This is her first year at Cal State Long Beach, and lives in the dorms. She hasn’t always lived in Long beach but she has lied in California her whole life, she grew up in Corona. Just like me she misses those fun moments from high school but doesn’t miss going to high school. She misses her friends a lot but loves the new ones she made, Byanna is in a sorority clued Delta Gamma and has so much fun with that. She is also a really good dancer and loves dancing hip – hop and i totally envy that because when i watch people dance like that I’m always like i really wish i could dance like that. She LOVES pop tarts as do I!!! i had so much fun interviewing herald so glad i got the chance to meet so an awesome person! 😀

Week 10 – Artist Interview – Almira Nikravesh

This week i decided to interview Almira Nikravesh and her piece was Honest Abe, Time & Money. When i walked into the room the first thing i saw was something shiny on the ground and it was think penny block. The first thing i said was “geeze how many pennies are in there?!” Our teacher told us that he had stacked the pennies here and nothing was holding them together so if you accidentally kicked or hit it it would fall apart. i also want to know how heavy this baby is! I thought it was just so amazing how many pennies there were in the block and i could not sit there and build that thing, its just seems so tedious. The way he stacked the pennies are really cool if you look at the first picture on the left its like theres mini stacks of pennies on pennies on pennies. this piece really just blew me away props to Almira Nikravesh!


Week 8 – Activity – ePortfolio

The first time i really thought about what i wanted to do with my life was when it was my senior year of high school i knew i loved working with children but i really loved ceramics and thought i would do something with that and maybe somehow combine art and children together. But my main thing was art so i took an art class and decided that it wasn’t a good choice for me, but i learned a lot. So after that semester i realized the other calling i had was working with children and that i wanted to purse that. I started working with children at this after school day care program but also work at a summer camp.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 4.22.50 PM  Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.47.03 PM

So my focus on this ePortfolio is me and my adventure into the Child Development world (major) i love working with children. My goals for this ePortfolio are so that if i ever get a interview with for a major job the can take a look at this get a back story and a feel for who i am and why i love working with children. Also my audience of my ePortfolio would be the people who we going to interview me.